My name is Kirsten Schankweiler. I am an contemporary abstract artist based in Mainz, Germany.  I have been painting full time since 2011.

Nature is the inspiration for my abstract paintings. I love to work with materials, colors and layers. My paintings are an expression of emotions, experiences, thoughts and dreams. Starting with a basic sense of color and composition each layer guides the next. Every layer leaves his own marks as a part of progression. It’s a creative discovery guided by my inner voice and my intuition.

My intention is to create paintings that are truthful and real, paintings with depth and harmonic vibration, paintings that are compelling from a distance and up close. Viewers are invited to experience the interaction of colors and structures, the overall expression of the artwork.​

Thank you for being here.

For any questions or enquiries, please feel free to contact me. 


2009 – 2012          Study at Kunstwerkstatt, Mainz
2013                      Graduation with best grade at Kunstwerkstatt, Mainz
2013 – 2016          Workshops with different artist ​


“Light & Shadow” Kunstverein Eisenturm Mainz (G)
Red Dot Art Fair, Miami USA (A)

Novum Investment Virtual Exhibition (G)
“Hommage to” – Kunstverein Ingelheim (G)

Art Innsbruck, Austria (A)
Venice International Art Fair (A)
ARTe, Wiesbaden (A)

ARTe, Sindelfingen (A)
KUN:ST Quartier, Leonberg (G)
Artexpo New York, US (A)
“Heimat” Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
“Form & Farbe” Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte (G)
Salon de Art International Contemporain, Paris, France (A)
ARTe, Wiesbaden (A)

„Himmel über Mainz“ – Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
„Kunst-Stücke“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte (G)
“Verklärt! Verloren! Geschützt?” Burggrafiat, Alzey (G)
“Vernetzung” Amtsgericht, Stuttgart
“Merry Christmas” KUN:ST Quartier, Leonberg

„Unterwegs“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm (G)
„Nocturne“ – Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
Juwelier Lepold, Mainz (S)

Kunst hoch 3 im Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
„200 Jahre Rheinhessen“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm (G)
„Viva Rheinhessen“ – Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)

„Kontraste“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm (G)
Galerie im Kunsthof, Eberdingen-Hochdorf (G)

Porsche Zentrum Mainz (S)
Kunst & design bei Mercedes Benz, Mainz  (S)
Rheinhessen Akademie im Eisenturm, Mainz  (G)

Kunstwerkstatt (S)
Praxis Dr. Küstner / Anna Helferich, Nieder-Olm (S)

Kunstwerkstatt Mainz (G)
Speicher, Idstein (G)
Weingut Altenkirch, Lorch (G)
Rotlint Café, Frankfurt (S)
MFT Studio und Physiotherapiepraxis, Frankfurt (S)

Kunstwerkstatt Mainz (G)
Universitätsmedizin Mainz (G)

2009 und 2010
Kunstwerkstatt Mainz (G)

2012 – 2022: Permanent Exhibition at my showroom galerie mainz, Mainz

(S) Single Exhibition, (G) Group Exhibition, (A) Art Fair


  • Kunstverein Kunst Stuttgart International, Leonberg
  • Kunstverein Eisenturm, Mainz
  • Kunstverein Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm
  • Kunstverein, Ingelheim


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