Modern abstract paintings

As an artist I am fascinated by the beauty and power of nature: I draw my inspiration from it. Nature is an endless source of inspiration for me, which I try to capture in every single one of my artworks. I am fascinated by the patterns and colors that can be found in nature and I love to implement this into my art.

Nature offers an infinite variety of colors, shapes and structures that continually inspire me.

Kirsten Schankweiler

In my works, I try to capture the beauty and richness of nature, as well as its impermanence and constant change. I use colors from a natural color spectrum to represent the connection to nature in my art. I believe that using these colors brings a deeper meaning to my paintings. My works aim to create a deep connection to nature and encourage the viewer to experience the beauty and power of nature anew. I hope that my works inspire people to see nature from a different perspective, to appreciate and protect its beauty.

My artistic process is a constant process of experiments. I am always looking for new techniques and materials to expand my artistic expression, discover new possibilities and grow as an artist. I believe that constant experiments and their challenges are an important part of my artistic journey.

My goal as an artist is to establish a connection with the viewer and to enable them the opportunity to create their own story from my artworks. I want my art to evoke emotions and encourage reflection.

I am convinced that art can create a strong connection between people and nature.

Kirsten Schankweiler

Nature has a strong impact on humans and positively influences their physical and emotional health. The natural environment offers a rich variety of colors, scents and sounds that help reduce stress and improve well-being. It has been scientifically proven that spending time in nature has a positive effect on physical and mental health and that regular contact with nature plays an important role in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, I also want to raise awareness of the protection and preservation of our natural resources with my work. I am grateful for the opportunity to express my relationship with nature through my art and look forward to growing and learning as an artist. My love for nature will always be a part of me, and I hope that my works will help others experience this beauty as well.


2009 – 2012          Study at Kunstwerkstatt, Mainz
2013                       Graduation with best grade at Kunstwerkstatt, Mainz
2013 – 2016          Workshops with different artist ​


“Light & Shadow” Kunstverein Eisenturm Mainz (G)
Red Dot Art Fair, Miami USA (A)

Novum Investment Virtual Exhibition (G)
“Hommage to” – Kunstverein Ingelheim (G)

Art Innsbruck, Austria (A)
Venice International Art Fair (A)
ARTe, Wiesbaden (A)

ARTe, Sindelfingen (A)
KUN:ST Quartier, Leonberg (G)
Artexpo New York, US (A)
“Heimat” Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
“Form & Farbe” Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte (G)
Salon de Art International Contemporain, Paris, France (A)
ARTe, Wiesbaden (A)

„Himmel über Mainz“ – Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
„Kunst-Stücke“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte (G)
“Verklärt! Verloren! Geschützt?” Burggrafiat, Alzey (G)
“Vernetzung” Amtsgericht, Stuttgart
“Merry Christmas” KUN:ST Quartier, Leonberg

„Unterwegs“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm (G)
„Nocturne“ – Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
Juwelier Lepold, Mainz (S)

Kunst hoch 3 im Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)
„200 Jahre Rheinhessen“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm (G)
„Viva Rheinhessen“ – Kunstverein Eisenturm (G)

„Kontraste“ – Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm (G)
Galerie im Kunsthof, Eberdingen-Hochdorf (G)

Porsche Zentrum Mainz (S)
Kunst & design bei Mercedes Benz, Mainz  (S)
Rheinhessen Akademie im Eisenturm, Mainz  (G)

Kunstwerkstatt (S)
Praxis Dr. Küstner / Anna Helferich, Nieder-Olm (S)

Kunstwerkstatt Mainz (G)
Speicher, Idstein (G)
Weingut Altenkirch, Lorch (G)
Rotlint Café, Frankfurt (S)
MFT Studio und Physiotherapiepraxis, Frankfurt (S)

Kunstwerkstatt Mainz (G)
Universitätsmedizin Mainz (G)

2009 und 2010
Kunstwerkstatt Mainz (G)

2012 – 2022: Permanent Exhibition at my showroom galerie mainz, Mainz

(S) Single Exhibition, (G) Group Exhibition, (A) Art Fair


  • Kunstverein Kunst Stuttgart International, Leonberg
  • Kunstverein Eisenturm, Mainz
  • Kunstverein Glockwerks Lichte Kunstprojekte, Nieder-Olm
  • Kunstverein, Ingelheim


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